Vladimir Ivanov

President / Director

Mr. Ivanov started his career in Estonia by obtaining a Master's degree in engineering with a specialization in electronics and industrial drives from Tallinn University of Technology and a Master's degree in finance management and business administration from the University of Tartu.

Always being the entrepreneur he channeled his expertise by obtaining an equity stake in SystemTest OU, which provided various businesses industrial and manufacturing applications through the Baltic region and the EU. This company continuously did millions of Euros in annual turnover with globally recognized partners and customers. This business allowed him to expand into over nine countries and gave him access to several additional business opportunities including real estate investment, data management and the oil and gas industry.

Benamar Mokhtari

Independent Director

Mr. Mokhtari brings decades of banking experience and expertise from some of the most respected Swiss and European financial institutions.

His corporate and financial postings included heading Private and Commercial Banking at Societe Generale as well as becoming the Head of Trade Finance and Correspondent Banking in their Zurich office. He also headed Private Banking at Liechtensteinische Landesbank (CH) Ltd and Hinduja Bank (CH) Ltd. He was the Managing Director of Arner Bank Ltd and a Director at Banque Heritage SA Zurich up to 2016. He ended his banking career as a Member of the Executive Board of Bank Alpinum Ltd. Vaduz in 2018. Currently he is the Managing Director of Inno Capital & Trade Ltd, and external asset manager and Polyreg regulated.

Gottfried Werner

Independent Director

Gottfried Werner is a seasoned manager, entrepreneur and investor and brings decades of business experience to the independent advisory board of Blue Water Petroleum Corp, as the company expands into the EU.

After starting his career at a German tax consultancy, he was appointed director of an international Swiss-based leasing company, Pro Leasing & Finanz AG and after several successful years there he worked as a consultant to firms such as Deutsche Post AG and Axel Springer SE.

Dr. Mohamed Kharrubi

Independent Director

Dr. Mohamed Kharrubi an accomplished business professional who is currently a director of the Abu Dhabi Investment Group, Group (ADIG); the investment arm of Bin Aweidha Holding and based in Abu Dhabi.

ADIG was involved in the establishment of Abu Dhabi National Bank 1968, and their services currently cover multiple sectors including Banking, Financial services, as well as Insurance services and Investment Management.

Olga Beliakova

Independent Director

Ms. Beliakova is an environmental champion with a deep understanding of the effects of environmental pollution and climate change and is a champion of sustainability.

She is the CEO and Founder of the Lordlyfield project, who’s mandate is addressing governmental changes in the treatment of pollution and global pollutants. These activities include legislative initiatives for the MENA region and the BRICS alliance, school courses for children on the topic of an "Eco-Friendly Lifestyle," the launch of the Lordlyfield mobile app, and the hosting of an annual conference.

Advisory Board

Dr. Vladislav Postoupalski

Independent Director, COO

Blue Water Petroleum Corp is proud to have a seasoned businessman and entrepreneur join the company as its Chief Operating Officer. Apart from his decades of business provenance, he is a qualified MD and holds an Master’s Degree in Immunology.

From 1995 through 2023 Dr. Postoupalski ran his real estate construction and development, mining, commodities trading and technology developments through his Merkuri Holding AG company. Via that entity he created Attimar AG, the holder of multiple patents and technologies, which was acquired by Blue Water.

Michele Baldin

Chief R & D Officer

Mr Baldin is an independent researcher and developer of industrial processes.

Michele Baldin has dedicated his professional life to the design, construction, and installation of innovative devices on operating machines and industrial plants. His goal has always been to improve and optimize the performance of plants, with particular attention to energy consumption and the quality of the final product.

Davide Vitelli

Executive Assistant COO

Mr. Vitelli holds both a specialized degree in Banking, Stock Exchange and Insurance from the University of Pisa and a Master’s In Finance from Luxembourg, where he was with PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

He has vast knowledge of finance, banking, trading and also is the lead for patent filings for Blue Water Petroleum. In the past, he filed the patent for the production of clean energy from hydrogen.

Jón Valdimarsson

Chief Business Development (BD) Executive

Mr. Vladimarsson has two decades of business development and marketing expertise and experience. He has also represented governments and private enterprises on an international level and has been endorsed by several countries and the top Ministerial and leadership levels.

He is taking the initiative to drive the business for Blue Water by developing strong relationships with industry professionals, creating relationships with new clients, presenting companies and discussing future projects.