About us


BWPC is a global environmental technology provider supplying the Multi-Billion Dollar Oil and Gas Sectors their environmental technology solutions. We specialize in the treatment of the billions of barrels of contaminated water and effluents produced by oil and gas industry by developing and implementing transportable, on-site, modular pyrolysis systems, which incorporate hydrocarbon recovery and recycling technologies.

Our proven executive and operations teams are based in the United States, Canada and the European Union.  

Providing the oil and gas industry their environmental solutions

We specialize in providing modular technology systems to the Billion Dollar Oil and Gas Environmental Sectors and build treatment plants at both a national and international level. We provide fully transportable, cost effective and innovative technology solutions.

We are focused on global partnership and licensing opportunities in the treatment of contaminated wastewater. We manage every aspect of wastewater treatment for the Oil and Gas sector from: preliminary treatment, biological treatment, tertiary treatments, removal of micropollutants and sludge treatment.

Blue Water ESG technologies

We believe in protecting our planet and assisting with its preservation for generations to come. We endeavor to develop, license and enter into ventures that meet strict ESG criteria and as such we are seeking new, unique and more effective solutions, processes, business tools and models.

Very often, these endeavors have a longer development lifecycle but the genesis creates greater social value and context for discussion, for the planet and all  its inhabitants.         

We subsidize research, development and innovative technologies. Our activities involve transactions that create predictable and sustained long term cash flow.

ESG criteria

We are currently operating, reviewing investments and partnerships focusing on: