Blue Water Petroleum (OTC: BWPC):
Global Graphene Solutions for A Global Market

Commercial Scale Production

On track to complete production of ~20 tons of pure graphene

Growing Market

Graphene market expected to hit $4.8 Billion by 2028 – 50X increase from 2019

Production Capabilities

Production plants already in place with more on the way separates Blue Water Petroleum from other start-up graphene companies

Disruptive Market Potential

Graphene’s potential could disrupt multiple industries such as Concrete, Aerospace, EV batteries, Computer Processors, Electronics, Automotive, Military and Defense, Prosthetics and more

World Class CEO and Scientific Advisory Team

A global team with expertise spanning from Finance, Business and Material Science

Holistic Strategy

From Graphene to Oil and Gas, Blue Water Petroleum has a holistic strategy of sustainable, global technology solutions.

Few competitors

Most graphene companies are not currently producing tons of graphene for commercial use.

Finished graphene products

We aim to produce not only raw graphene but also specialized graphene products for use in industry.


The Graphene Opportunity by the Numbers

The graphene market is ready for explosive growth


Estimated Graphene Market Size by 2028


Estimated CAGR From 2023 -2028

Blue Water Petroleum is perfectly situated to serve this massive
growth market with production capabilities of up to

20 tons of graphene


Graphene – The Material For the Future

Graphene is a super-material that is harder than diamonds, 300 times stronger than steel, and a better conductor of electricity than copper.

These unique properties have the potential to disrupt and transform multiple industries, and demand is growing.


Investor Presentation

pdfOffshore wind turbines farm on the ocean. Sustainable energy production, clean power.