Blue Water Petroleum Corp (OTC: BWPC), announces that it has signed a definitive acquisition agreement to acquire Swiss based Attimar SA, a global leader in its sector and the holder of ten graphene based technology patents. Blue Water will acquire 100% of Attimar SA’s shares for 37,700,000 Blue Water common shares.

Attimar SA is a worldwide leading graphene technologies, for the production, capture, packaging and transport of graphene nanoparticles both in dry powder and in wet paste, making it a flagship for manufacturers within the Green innovation sectors. These applications are combined with technological transfers and in its cutting-edge production of various unique nanomaterials that can be used in combination with the various applications of graphene, vastly improving the quality of the final products. The company is differentiated from its competition in that it is an actual producer of graphene using very efficient and very high capacity industrial facilities in the Italian province of Umbria. The company is currently in production of and will complete its mandate to produce twenty tons of graphene which will be third party audited and validated assets of Attimar, as part of a closing condition of its contract with Blue Water. This graphene will be translocated to a secure facility in Switzerland once the production cycle is complete.

Attimar’s team has already developed various graphene/nanotechnology/nanomaterials products, including a thermal paint based on engineered graphene nanoplatelets. The graphene nanoparticles produced are of micrometric planar size and nanometric and sub-nanometric thicknesses and are easily applied into the production of concrete with an immediate application in the multi billion dollar drilling oil industry. It can also be utilized in various batteries using solid-state graphene, or in flow batteries with graphene electrolytes, in membrane equipment for ultrafiltration and water desalination and very importantly for the environment, in circular economy technological solutions for the recycling of end-of-life products such as tires, glass and plastic.

The patents for inventions cover the following areas:

  1. Method for obtaining expanded graphite.
  2. Method for obtaining carbon nanomaterials.
  3. Plant for the preparation of a carbon nanomaterial suspension.
  4. Plant for the preparation of a carbon nanomaterial suspension.
  5. Continuous synthesis installation of carbon nanomaterials.
  6. Reactor for the production of carbon nanomaterials by hydrocarbon gas pyrolysis.
  7. Method for obtaining carbon nanomaterials from vegetable raw materials.
  8. Reactor for the production of carbon nanomaterials by hydrocarbon gas pyrolysis.
  9. Installation to obtain carbon nanomaterials.
  10. A method of producing a composition for a protective and decorative coating on a building material.
  11. A method of preparing a complex additive for building blends.

Patents for inventions/utility models:

  1. Sensor for detecting gas and measuring its concentration.
  2. Carbon fiber material production reactor.
  3. Line for the production of carbon fiber nanomaterials by hydrocarbon pyrolysis.
  4. Plant for the continuous synthesis of carbon fiber nanomaterials by hydrocarbon pyrolysis.

The company was founded by Mr. Postoupalski in September 2020 as a global coordinator for various recycling technologies, but more than a year ago it completely converted into a full scale graphene production and application firm. Mr. Postoupalski will be appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of BWPC at the close of the transaction. Blue water’s team will integrate Attimar SA directors Mr. Davide Vitelli and Mr. Pavel Iliev and Chief Inventor Mr. Michele Baldin, into the company’s daily operations as it continues to showcase itself as a world leader in graphene technologies and its multitude of global business applications.

About Blue Water:

Blue Water Petroleum Corp, (BWPC) is a global environmental technology provider and patent aggregator, with proven executive and operations teams based in North America and the European Union.

Our primary focus is on the global multi-billion dollar Oil and Gas Sector and the Governmental and Private Desalination Market and their effluent recycling needs and the treatment of any contaminated water source. We also develop and implement modular pyrolysis systems, incorporating hydrocarbon recovery and recycling technologies. It is in this capacity that we offer sustainable, energy efficient and cost-effective solutions.

The total issued common shares outstanding for the company is 204,081,981.

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