Blue Water Petroleum Corp (OTC: BWPC), recently announced that its new subsidiary, Attimar SA based in Switzerland, launched THERMO VARNISH, its new ATC (Active Thermo Coating) paint product.

BWPC believes that THERMO VARNISH will revolutionize the building renovation sector as it is attracting the attention of many companies in the building and industrial sectors, as well as investors. It is a tangible consumer product offering with direct applications and immediate savings for the end user. This paint is capable of heating surfaces in just seconds, reaching a level of ambient comfort in a timeframe that until recently, was considered virtual science fiction.

The immediate acceptance of THERMO VARNISH is directly attributed to the current high global energy costs. Also, its fast installation and unparalleled energy efficiency make it not only a revolutionary product but also a must-have for those who want to make their buildings more efficient and sustainable, in the most economical and timely way possible. THERMO VARNISH can be used to heat floors, walls and ceilings. It offers an efficient and economical heating system with its ability to provide uniform and controlled temperature modulation which also makes it suitable for industrial applications.

The vast majority of current heating systems are based on technical applications that are over 50 years old, so we identified both a gap in the market and an opportunity to revitalize the entire ATC sector. BWPC has achieved that by using nanotechnologies and technical materials developed over a twenty year timespan. Furthermore, environmental sustainability has been a priority, as the paint eliminates the need for dated gas boilers, representing an important step towards decarbonizing systems.

The future growth for Blue Water Petroleum Corp is being driven for these unique consumer products utilizing the technologies and patents that demonstrate the company’s innovative capacity. The company will be providing purchasing channels to consumers through existing and established home suppliers via licensing and distribution contracts.

About Blue Water:

Blue Water Petroleum Corp (BWPC) is a global environmental technology provider and patent aggregator, with proven executive and operations teams based in North America and Europe. Our Swiss based subsidiary, Attimar SA, is the holder of multiple patents that are publicly verifiable.

Our primary focus is on the global and potentially multi billion dollar market for graphene based products. Graphene is an innovative and versatile material that is increasingly attracting the attention of researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs around the world. It is a material composed of a single layer of carbon atoms, arranged in a hexagonal lattice structure. Thanks to its unique properties, graphene is becoming increasingly important in a wide range of industries, from technology to advanced materials.

One of the main advantages of graphene is its high strength, which makes it an ideal material for applications that require strength and durability. In addition, graphene is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, making it ideal for applications in electronics and composite materials. Due to its high specific surface area, graphene can also be used as a catalyst in applications ranging from hydrogen production to the removal of pollutants from water.

Graphene has the potential to revolutionize the materials industry by providing more sustainable and innovative solutions to many of the problems humanity faces today. For example, graphene can be used to create high-capacity, low-cost batteries that could be used to store solar or wind energy. In addition, graphene can be used to create stronger and lighter composite materials, which could be used in aerospace or automotive applications. Due to its high specific surface area, graphene can also be used as a catalyst in applications ranging from hydrogen production to the removal of pollutants from water.

We also develop and implement modular systems, incorporating hydrocarbon recovery and recycling technologies. It is in this capacity that we offer sustainable, energy efficient and cost effective solutions.

The total issued common shares outstanding for the company is 208,081,981

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